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Investment in Happiness

Vuori's Investment in Happiness means feeling good about the things you buy and how they're made. Our mission is to make quality products for your pursuit of a happy life; empowering deeper connections with fitness, nature, creativity, and community. Guided by our values and the coastal California lifestyle, we're simply happier on a healthy planet. That's why we have developed a dynamic program aimed to protect it, outlined below.

Investment In Happiness

The path towards a sustainable future is a complex and ever-changing terrain that we continue to invest in.

Recycled + Organic Materials

We're committed to using 80% sustainable materials by 2022. We're halfway there-40% of our products are currently made with high quality sustainable materials: REPREVE polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, ECONYL nylon made from recycled nylon fishing nets and other nylon waste, and Certified organic cotton, grown in clean, healthy soil. We're committed to increasing the amount of sustainable materials in our products and are working with a number of partners to certify our materials. To name a few: Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, Unifi & U Trust Recycle Verification and California's Prop 65.

Investment In Happiness
Carbon Neutral

We’re offsetting 100% of our carbon emissions. Through a partnership with Climate Neutral, we balance 100% of our direct and indirect carbon emissions from our business and manufacturing through funding projects that help combat global warming. From restoring degraded forests to supporting clean energy, these projects remove or reduce carbon emissions to support a healthier planet.

Waste Evaluation and Reduction

The future of sustainability is a circular, zero waste system. Our first steps: reduce impactful areas and find renewed purpose wherever possible. We’re eliminating 80% of plastics from our shipping and supply chain by 2022. We've partnered with Cleanhub to offset our remaining plastic footprint by investing in recycling programs that keep our oceans clean. Additionally, we're working with Renewal Workshop to repurpose products and textiles at the end of their life and turn them into renewed products.

Creating a Sustainable Culture

Fostering a culture where our people can thrive. We recognize that our internal culture is a direct reflection of our brand. They are one in the same. So we invest energy, time and dollars to make it great. From educational opportunities to mentorship programs to free workout and meditation classes in the Vuori studio, we are committed to our team members health, happiness and growth. As an emerging brand this pillar will continue to evolve. It's a commitment we make to our people and keep top of mind in the decisions we make every day.

Community Leadership

Our vision has always been a healthier and happier planet and we believe that positive change starts at the community level. So we've set out to inspire ours through a variety of initiatives including, but not limited to: The Rise The Shine Conversations where we connect with and have meaningful conversations with the inspiring voices of our generation, organizing and leading beach cleanups, financially supporting organizations whose work moves us forward in a positive direction and utilizing our stores as community hubs to bring people from different walks of life together to share meaningful experiences.


Ethical Manufacturing

We require all of our suppliers to adhere to the Vuori Code of Conduct, in which we define expectations for fair treatment of labor, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as our continued commitment to the environment.

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