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No Equipment, Full Body HIIT Workout with Paul Wright

Fitness trainer Paul Wright talks us through why he loves HIIT workouts, how to introduce them to your fitness routine, and some post workout stretches. He also provides the perfect body weight workout you can do anywhere. Whether you're new to HIIT workouts or just looking for something to switch it up, check out Paul Wright's tips and tricks and get your sweat on! 


Paul is wearing the Strato Tech Tee and the Kore Short

Why is HIIT good for you?
It’s a great way to spike your heart rate within 24 hours. One of the keys to losing fat is maintaining a caloric deficit throughout your day-to-day life and if you add moments in your week of intense movement, you can help yourself burn more calories throughout the day. HIIT training lifts your heart rate to max levels in a short amount of time, forcing your body to experience “good stress” and continue to repair and work long after you’re done!

Tips for introducing HIIT into your routine?
Start with what works for you. The time of day, the style of movement you introduce; make sure you start at a place where you can see and feel yourself succeed. Don’t go for the mountain too on day 1! Nothing about movement is one size fits all :)

How often should you do a HIIT workout?
It all depends on your goals. I personally like to experience that elevated heart rate a few times a week, Ideally 3! It’s important to go hard when you train and give your body the rest it’s earned! If you have more serious goals, it’s inevitable you have to do things your body isn’t used to, by maybe adding in that extra day or making your workouts more intense.

What are your favorite stretches after a HIIT workout?
I’m always catering to my hips in 360 degrees after HIIT workouts. I love variations of pigeon stretches for the outside of my leg, half kneeling stretches for the hips and quads, and half splits as well to really hit those hamstrings. I always use external forces for my best upper body stretches and using things like the edge of a counter is great for stretching the lats. I place my hands palms down on top with arms straight and duck my head through the arms, pushing the hips back. Great for the middle of the spine too! Spending time decompressing the lower back is a must for me as well so I'll usually spend a few seconds in a rag doll to complete things. All that done together gets the job done after a session like this!


1. Jump to back pedal

Jump back to pedal

Start in a low squat with arms reaching back towards the heels. Thrust the arms and body forward to take off for the jump. Land softly back In a low squat position by bending the knees on impact. Back pedal to starting position and repeat.

3-4x back to back
5 reps

2. Bear crawl

Bear Crawl

Start in a tabletop position with wrists below shoulders and knees beneath hips, toes tucked onto the floor. Pop the knees 1 inch above the floor and pretend there is a glass of water on your back while you extend and bend the knees, keeping the upper body still. Back and forth is one rep!

3-4x back to back
5 reps

3. Controlled skaters

Controlled Skaters

Start by sinking into a half squat on your outside leg. Push off the foot from the floor and extend your leg to jump laterally. Land on the opposite foot in the same position you started in and repeat side to side.

3-4x back to back
10 reps

4. Kick through plank

Kick Through Plank

In a high plank position, bring your leg across and under your body, kicking your leg out to extend, and tap the outside of your foot on the floor. The goal is to keep both hands pressed on the floor and chest square to the ground as you kick each leg through side to side.

3-4x back to back
10 reps

5. Pause split jumps

Pause Split Jump

Start in a half kneeling position with your back toe tucked, knee under hip, and front knee over your shoelaces. Raise the knee 1 inch off the floor with arms at you side. Jump up and swing the arms to the ceiling, switch legs in the air and swing arms back done on impact. Pause when you land to find stillness before taking off for the next jump.

3-4x back to back
10-15 reps

6. Toe tap abs

ToeTap Abs

In reverse table top position reach the opposite hand to opposite foot, by pushing the down hand and foot that’s on the floor. Pause at the top to find control.

3-4x back to back
10-15 reps

You can find Paul Wright here and check out our Daily ACTV Club for more awesome workouts!